Did you know that millions of seniors and disabled citizens are being forced into nursing home institutions to receive care? And, did you know that many are middle class seniors or young disabled adults who depleted their savings and because they have to rely on Medicaid are stuck in nursing homes begging to come home? Join us as we seek 1 million signatures to take to Congress to reform Medicaid and allow seniors and disabled adults to have the choice to receive care at home. It is the morally right thing to do, and it will save tax payers money.

Choice Centered Medicaid is a grassroots movement created by Joseph Stango, an advocate for Medicaid reform. The purpose of the not-for-profit organization is three-fold:

  • Bring awareness to the fact that millions of middle class seniors and disabled adults are forced into nursing homes for long-term care
  • Educate and assist seniors and disabled adults who want to either leave institutions and receive their care in a place of their choosing or avoid entering a nursing home in the first place
  • Advocate for legislation of cost-saving Medicaid reform that is morally the right thing to do for seniors and disabled Americans

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Our goal is to deliver one million petition signatures to Congress in support of Choice Centered Medicaid. Any donation is appreciated.